Baseball Informational Text and Activity Pack 

Baseball Informational Text and Activity Pack is a complete set of engaging activities for fans of the game and newcomers alike. Students can do these self-directed activities over several days or all in one activity-filled day. In this package you get:

An information packed text about the origins and history of baseball with a follow-up comprehension worksheet and a true/false worksheet.

•A second informational text highlighting ten of baseball’s greatest players of all time, by position, with photos and a follow-up crossword puzzle. 

*All texts are available read aloud while the text is highlighted on screen. A link to this free feature is provided in your packet. Compatible with Mac and Windows platforms.

•A full-color illustration of a baseball field labelled with fielding positions and an explanation of the basics of the game.

•A reader’s theater script of Abbott and Costello’s classic, “Who’s On First?” with a link to a video of the original skit.

•A baseball related logic puzzle.

•A fun word search with baseball terms.

•All worksheets come with answer keys.

•A fun “design your own” jersey and cap design activity. 

•A “design your own baseball stadium” activity.

•Two sets of all texts and activities; one full color and one grayscale.

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