Thanksgiving Reading and Writing Bundle

Thanksgiving Reading and Writing is a discounted bundle of Thanksgiving, A Close Reading Informational Text and Activity Packet and my Thanksgiving Opinion Writing Project.

You get everything that is in both of the individual packets, but save by buying both together.

Thanksgiving, A Close Reading Informational Text and Activity Packet is here just in time for one of America’s favorite holidays! . Through the engaging text and fun follow-up activities, students will learn about the history of the holiday and how the original harvest feast differed from that we enjoy today. The text is carefully researched using highly reliable sources, which are cited in the packet. In addition this packet includes:

• follow-up comprehension questions
• a compare and contrast activity
• a fun, engaging word search using vocabulary from the text
• answer keys for all

** This text is available read out loud. Simply click on the link provided in the packet. You will be taken to a page where the text will be highlighted as it is read aloud to the listener on a Mac or Windows computer, or on the iPad. **

• BONUS: This packet includes my four page ‘Dig Into’ close reading lesson and graphic organizer. This user-friendly tool can be used with any informational or non-fiction text on any subject.

‘Dig Into’ can be completed in one session or done over a period of days. It hits the goals of repeated, close reading, vocabulary building and in-depth comprehension with repeated returns to the text embedded in the activities. Suitable for a wide range of ages from late elementary through middle school and beyond. It is perfect for substitute teachers and homeschooling families or anyone who appreciates carefully scaffolded activities.

**Note: Thanksgiving Opinion Writing Project can be done prior to or after Thanksgiving.**

This is a fun persuasive/opinion writing project designed to showcase a holiday we all celebrate, Thanksgiving. Every student can identify things he or she enjoys about Thanksgiving: the food, traditions, family gathering from far and near, parades, football, recounting of family stories, a break from school and work, the signal to the start holiday season, the anticipation of winter sports, the list goes on and on.

The step-by-step, highly scaffolded nature of this project ensures success for all students and makes it a perfect project for homeschooling families and to leave for substitutes.

In this project you will find:

•All student instructions and recording sheets

•Clearly scaffolded directions that insure success for all

•Thematic paper for drafting and/or writing final copies of student essays

•An editing checklist with a list of commonly misspelled words

•A scoring rubric based on the Common Core State Standards