Easter Activities

Easter Activities Learning Games and Activities is a set of engaging ready-to-go vocabulary and sight word building activities. Additional activities are included for learning and just plain fun! This is a non-religious, secular packet. Check out the preview to see a sample of several pages.

In this packet you will receive:

  • An Easter themed bingo game with words related to the holiday. There are four separate versions of the bingo mats so everyone doesn’t get “BINGO!” at once.
  • A full set of calling cards for the bingo game.
  • The bingo game can be copied onto regular paper or onto card stock and laminated if you wish for more durable, long-lasting wear.
  • Bingo boards can be duplicated to create a memory (“concentration”) or matching game. Simply make two copies of the same bingo board, cut out the squares, and you have a ready-to-go game!
  • A fun word search using fifteen of the words from the bingo game, including a word bank.
  • A word scramble activity using eight of the Easter words. Two versions are included: one with a word bank, one without.
  • Answer keys for all.
  • An Easter egg coloring page.
  • An Easter picture drawing page.
  • An activity page in which students draw and label six items they hope to find in their Easter basket
  • Several decorative Easter themed papers, in both lined and unlined versions for all kinds of writing projects of your choice.
  • A gray scale copy of all pages