Thanksgiving Writing

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Thanksgiving Writing is fun persuasive opinion writing project designed to showcase Thanksgiving. Every student can identify things he or she enjoys about Thanksgiving: the food, traditions, family gathering from far and near, parades, football, recounting of family stories, a break from school and work, the signal to the start holiday season, the anticipation of winter sports, the list goes on and on.

***Thanksgiving Writing works especially well AFTER Thanksgiving.***

The step-by-step, highly scaffolded nature of this project ensures success for all students and makes it a perfect project for homeschooling families and to leave for substitutes.

In this project you will find:

  • All student instructions and recording sheets
  • Clearly scaffolded directions that insure success for all
  • Thematic paper for drafting and/or writing final copies of student essays
  • An editing checklist with a list of commonly misspelled words
  • A scoring rubric based on the Common Core State Standards