Memorial Day Informational Text and Activity Pack

Memorial Day : Memorial Day Informational Text and Activity Pack is an engaging package of text and follow-up activities designed to teach students about this important United States holiday. In this package you get:

An engaging informational text about the history of Memorial Day past and present, carefully researched using multiple sources,

  • A set of text dependent comprehension follow-up questions.
  • The text of the poem In Flanders Field, with a follow-up writing activity.
  • Several lined decorative papers for publishing writing.
  • A Memorial Day crossword puzzle using information from the text.
  • A Memorial Day word search using vocabulary from the text
  • All worksheets and activities come with answer keys and solutions.
  • Two full sets of text and activities: one in color, one in grayscale.

*All texts are available read aloud while the text is highlighted on screen. A link to this free feature is provided in your packet. Compatible with Mac and Windows platforms.

**BONUS: This packet includes my four-page ‘Close Reading Informational Text: A Common Core Graphic Organizer for Any Text’, available separately in my store, but included here at no additional charge. This user-friendly tool can be used with any informational or non-fiction text on any subject.

‘Close Reading Informational Text: A Common Core Graphic Organizer for Any Text’ can be completed in one session or done over a period of days. It hits the goals of repeated close reading, vocabulary building and in-depth comprehension with repeated returns to the text embedded in the activities. Suitable for a wide range of ages from late elementary through middle school and beyond. It is perfect for substitute teachers and homeschooling families or anyone who appreciates carefully scaffolded activities.

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