Soccer Informational Text and Activity Pack is a complete set of highly engaging activities for fans of the game and newcomers alike. Students of all ages and abilities can do these self-directed activities over several days or all in one activity-filled day. 

  • Four sets of standalone informational texts: The History of Soccer, The Laws of the Game, and biographies of Mia Hamm and Pelé.
  • A fifth informational text, A Soccer Player’s Kit, with a fun ‘Design You Own Kit’ activity
  • A follow-up comprehension exercise and/or an activity for each.
  • Answer keys for all 
  • A soccer vocabulary word search and answer key
  • A soccer field graphic with positions and features labeled
  • Instructions and playing sheet for a fun ‘Paper Soccer’ game
  • A graphic organizer for researching a famous soccer player
  • Decorative soccer themed paper for writing or printing final drafts
  • A decorative ‘Soccer’s Greatest Players’ sheet to display with students’ soccer player bios.
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