Theme Snowman Book Report Reading and Writing Activity Pack

Winter Theme Snowman Book Report is a complete reading and writing activity pack connected to the Common Core State Standards. All of the activities have been designed with an eye to clarity, student engagement and effectiveness in addressing the following Common Core State Standards:

In this engaging packet you get:

  • a complete book report project with activities on plot, character, setting, and theme
  • attractive, snow and snowman themed, clearly scaffolded graphic organizers for all activities
  • themed writing paper complete with cover sheet
  • an editing checklist for students with a bank of commonly misspelled words and transition words
  • BONUS: You also get my Book Report Scoring Rubric for Any Book, a handy rubric for scoring any literary book report project. Hand it out with your project instructions or with those available from my store and your students will know exactly what they need to do to shine.

This package is designed with options in mind. You may choose to have your students do all of the activities, or just those you have selected. You may copy student sheets on regular sized copy paper, larger paper or card stock. The final report can be stapled into a packet to hang on a bulletin board and/or hand in. Alternatively, the student can cut out the snowmen character and glue it to a large sheet of drawing paper and create a background around it that reflects the setting of the book. These snowmen are magic and will not melt, no matter how warm the setting! Your students might then staple other sheets from the project to the bottom of the drawing paper. The finished projects make a great bulletin board display to celebrate student learning. 

While this project works well with any fiction picture book or chapter book, I have included a list of winter themed books at the end of the packet should you wish to fully embrace a winter theme :-)

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