Chinese New Year: History, Reading and Activity Pack

Chinese New Year: History, Reading and Activity Pack is a set of informational text and engaging activities focused on the history and traditions of Chinese New Year. It can be fully used in any year. In this learning filled packet you get:Chinese New Year

  • Information-packed text about the history and traditions of Chinese New Year
  • A follow-up true/false quiz requiring close reading of the text
  • A writing activity in which students reflect on personality traits related to their animal sign on the Chinese zodiac
  • A beautiful black-line graphic depicting the Chinese zodiac animals and an informational chart giving the years and traits associated with each animal
  • Lined decorative paper
  • A fun word search using the zodiac animals vocabulary from the text
  • A spelling and phonics building ‘Make Words’ activity
  • A poster page on which students can make a banner for their animal sign
  • Answer keys

Differentiation for success for all students! Includes both written text and a link to an audio version. Students can access the audio text on a Mac, iPad or Windows device and follow along as the text is highlighted while they listen.

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BONUS: This packet includes my page ‘Dig Into’ close reading lesson and graphic organizer. This user-friendly tool can be used with any informational or non-fiction text on any subject.’Dig Into’ can be completed in one session or done over a period of days. It hits the goals of repeated close reading, vocabulary building and in-depth comprehension with repeated returns to the text embedded in the activities. Suitable for a wide range of ages from late elementary through middle school and beyond. It is perfect for substitute teachers and homeschooling families or anyone who appreciates carefully scaffolded activities.