Lobster Informational Reading and Activity

Lobster Informational Reading and Activity Pack is a Common Core connected set of informational text and activities about the lobster industry and the life of the Maine lobster. Do the activities over several days or all in one activity-filled day. In this package you get:

  • An information-packed text about the history of the lobster industry in Maine, with illustrations.
  • A second informational text about the life cycle, anatomy and adaptations of the Maine lobster, also known as the American lobster.
  • A labeled illustration of the anatomy of Maine lobster.
  • A third informational text about the methods of trapping and harvesting lobster, with illustrations.
  • A glossary with key terms defined.
  • Follow-up comprehension worksheet activities requiring close reading: a true/false quiz, a crossword puzzle and a word search.
  • A fun lobster buoy decorating activity that supports the teaching of theme. Students can use a traditional design (photo examples included) or a whimsical design such as drawing a gull, lighthouse or abstract design. Allow your students to be as imaginative in their designs as you wish.
  • Answer keys for all.
  • A set in both full color and grayscale.