Basketball Informational and Reading Text

Basketball Informational Text and Activity Pack is a complete set of highly engaging activities for fans of the game and newcomers alike. Students of all ages and abilities can do these self-directed activities over several days or all in one activity-filled day. Take a look at the preview to see a sample of the many learning-filled activities in this fun pack.

BONUS: All text is available read aloud, easily accessed through a free link provided in the package.


In this package you get:

  • An information-packed text about the origins and history of basketball and the basics of the game.
  • All text is available read aloud while the text is highlighted on screen. A link to this free feature is provided in your packet. Compatible with Mac and Windows platforms.
  • A true/false comprehension worksheet.
  • A second informational text highlighting twelve of basketball’s greatest players of all time, by position, with photos and a follow-up activity.
  • A basketball history timeline.
  • A crossword puzzle for further demonstration of text comprehension.
  • Two fun word searches of NBA team names.
  • All worksheets come with answer keys.
  • A full-color illustration of a basketball court labelled with positions and key court features shown.
  • A fun “design your own” uniform design activity.
  • Lined basketball themed paper for writing activities, with a variety of topics and prompts included.•Two sets of all text and activities; one full color and one grayscale.